Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Last Week

It is with mixed emotions that I write this last post. This is our last week of school at Fort Craig and it is time for all of us to spread our wings and fly off to new schools. Although I am so sad to see our school closing, I am also excited (and a little scared!) to start my new adventure teaching technology at our new intermediate school, Coulter Grove. I will keep this blog open, but not updated, for a few months before switching to my new Coulter Grove website so check in over the summer to practice your keyboarding and to have some
 tech fun! I want to thank all of my Fort Craig students for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow right along with them-I started out as a Spanish teacher and now teach technology. Life is change. Before you leave this week, take some time to thank a teacher (or two or three) by sending an ecard. I know they would love to hear from you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Session Week 7

B1-2 Technology:

This week we will make sure our tech folders are all completed and ready for Portfolio night. First, practice some copy/paste and take the computer parts quiz. When you are finished, head to kerpoof
and make yourself a graduation card-be sure to include some text with some Fort Craig memories. Save the card as a jpg picture in your folder.

3-4 Technology:

1. Please take the elementary student survey
2. Make your own graduation video with Photostory 3. Use your Fort Craig wordle picture as one of your first slides. Don't forget to add text to tell about some of your favorite memories. Save it in your folder to show off on portfolio night!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer Session Week 6

B1-2 Technology:

powered by Fotopedia

2. The monarchs are back! Just as the next generation of real monarchs are heading back into our region, our paper monarchs have migrated back to the United States and Canada! We received paper butterflies from 37 different states as well as some from Canada and Mexico. Where did our butterflies land? Check the list to find out-new posts are still being added, so keep checking back! Although individual butterflies are not always posted, it looks like our large class butterflies landed in West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado.
3. Last week, we used Excel to make graphs of our first graders' heights. Let's review how cells are ordered on an excel graph by following the directions to make a cool butterfly picture (thanks to Barb Smith from the great Elementary Tech Teachers network for this idea!)

3-4 Technology:

1. Take this typing speed test and record your score. If your score is lower than last time, please take again. When you are done, you may play any of the keyboarding games while we wait for everyone to finish.
2. Last week we took some digital photos-this week, we get to make them really unique! Let's explore some photo editing at pixlr express   First, make a new folder labeled "My Photos" in your kidsave folder. Copy and paste any pictures you want to edit into that folder-be appropriate! Play around-you don't have to save the final version and can start over at any time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Session Week 5

B1-2 Technology:
2. Read Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Rosenthal
3. Just like our story, some things depend on how you look at them. When compared to some things you are short, but compared to other things you are tall. Open your folder and find the "I am taller/shorter than" document and create a picture in Paint, adding sentences in text boxes. While you are working, we will remeasure our first graders for the How Tall Is A First Grader project and make a graph.
4. Play some measuring games:
            Dinosaur Train 
            Measuring Up with Clifford
5. Check out some Tall Tales!

3-4 Technology:

2. We will discuss some tips for composing a picture with a digital camera and then head out to the playground to capture some memories!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Session Week 4

B1-2 Technology:
2. Since this is Earth day week, let's talk about things we can do to help our planet. See how your choices matter at Eekoworld.
3. Check out these other Earth day games and activities at Funschool

3-4 Technology:
1. Dance Mat Typing-cover those keyboards!
2. We will read "If I Were In Charge of the World," by Judith Viorst. Click here to make your own "In Charge" poem. Copy and paste the final results into a Word document, format, add a border, and save in your folder.
3. Try some of these Earth Day games at Ecokids, Funschool, and Eekoworld


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Session Week 3

B-12 Technology:

2. Go to TumbleBooks and read Diary of a Worm
3. What else can you find in and around a pond? Open the Pond PowerPoint in your folder and add text, clip art, and slide transitions. 
3-4 Technology:

1. Cover your keyboards and do some Dance Mat Typing
2. Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Congratulations-you have won a $1000 shopping spree, but since you can't leave school, you log in to Amazon! Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your spending. Continue spending your $1,000.00 on toys or other goodies and use a spreadsheet to keep the total cost of all the toys just under $1000.00, tax included. And don’t forget that the total cost of all the items (tax included) must fall between $995.00 and $1000.00 or you lose all the money.
Here’s more good news! If you are able to spend EXACTLY $1000.00, tax included, you win an additional $500.00 "imaginary" cash to spend.  Will YOU be the one?  Good luck! (Remember-this is pretend! You won't really get these purchases!)
3. If you have extra time, head back to Moneyville or try these other money games:
                    Ed's Bank
                    Lunch Lady
                    Trade West

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Session Week 2

B1-2 Technology:

2. As part of your class pond unit, will read Make Way For Ducklings, by Robert McCloskey. Did you  notice the ducklings' names were in alphabetical order? Microsoft Word can also put a list of words in ABC order. Let's give it a try with a list of five friends!
3.  Enjoy these pond activities:

3-4 Technology:
1. Keyboarding practice-Type to Learn or Dance mat
2. There are 3 main things we can do with money: spend it, save it, and give it away (charity). Unfortunately, I didn't win the megamillions lottery last week, but if you won, what would you do? Open "If I won the lottery" in your folder and write about these 3 things to do with your winnings.
3. Play Moneyville